The Raven's War
Patricia LeAne Owens
6 x 9
490 pages
Hard Cover
ISBN 13:
Trade Paperback
ISBN 13:
For young adult readers and up

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Time is running out as the demons and spirits prepare for the ultimate war that will decide the fate of the realms.

Ona Snowsong, the last surviving member of an ancient bloodline, must enter the forest of the infamous and cursed dark prince, Raven Yatagarasu, in order to keep the Soul Gem safe from a demon-aligned warlock's grasp. Chaos rages as the most ancient of demons grows closer to breaking free from its imprisonment. The guardian of the Soul Gem makes a deal with a mysterious cat spirit, Hibar, to rid the raven prince of his curse allowing him to return to his kingdom. Ona must save Prince Raven and unseal the true power of this mysterious cat spirit before the demon breaks free and destroys all life!

Enjoy a sample. Click the link and the pdf will open. Chapter One