Short Attention Span Mysteries
L.K.C. Simone, Editor


Trade Paperback
For Mature Readers
In the Reading Room.

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How fast can you solve a mystery? Can you sleuth out the clues in a minute? Can you figure out what happened to the victim in a flash? Are you ready for quick mysteries like these?

There are three stories where crimes are solved by squirrels.
Three where a victim falls off a cliff.
Two involve a decaying corpse.
Two double-crossers find themselves double-crossed.
One story is told by a murderous horse.
One person inherits a haunted mansion; another a postage stamp.
One person is murdered with a watermelon in the grocery store check-out line.
Crimes are solved because of yoga pants, light-up sneakers, or a piece of string and poison is ingested through mushrooms, applesauce, alcohol, tea or chocolate cake.

L.K.C. Simone delivers an eclectic mix of mysteries that will challenge and entertain mystery buffs everywhere.